Swimming Past COVID FAQs

FINS has created a set of guidelines for swimmers which you can view here.

USA Swimming has put together extensive rules and regulations for all families and swim clubs to help everyone understand and plan for what swimming will look like during the COVID reopening. You can find this information HERE

Here are a few helpful highlights we will note for you:  

  • Expect a reduced number of swimmers allowed in the pool at one time. Swimmers will be properly distanced from one another when in the pool. *As of now there is one swimmer per lane. 
  • Expect swimmers to remain in the water at all times during a practice. 
  • Expect very specific entry and exit paths both in and out of facilities. Swimmers will be asked to come to the pool ready (already wearing their swimsuits) and be called in by coaches directly from parking lots in a socially distanced manner until they are in the pool and in their lane.  
  • Expect coaches to wear their Personal Protection Equipment at all times and maintain an appropriate distance from both swimmers and other coaches. *All coaches will be coaching from on deck. No coaches will be in water with the swimmers. 
  • Expect facilities to be sanitized between different groups of swimmers. 
  • Expect bathroom usage to only be allowed on an emergency basis and for sanitization to occur following every use (by facility staff).
  • Expect a special waiver and release form to be asked of swimmers during the pandemic reopening phase. Expect swimmers and coaches to be asked to confirm via a questionnaire that they are in good health prior to each visit to the pool and that they have not had contact with anyone whom they know to be ill. 

We are currently registering swimmers for our Summer Program Offerings. Fall offerings out of Old Farm pool will open soon. 

Registration openings will depend on local government guidelines which will dictate when facilities will be allowed to re-open. Once we have opening dates in place for outdoor as well as indoor pools, we will open registration for our programs as well as for private lessons. Once we have dates in place for our registration openings, we will notify all families via email and encourage early signup in order to reserve spots.


To join the FINS E-mailing list, please email: fins@finsswimming.com

In order to alleviate some of the uncertainties we will be facing during the next few months and into the fall and winter, FINS is offering weekly signups as well as some pre-pay options for 8 weeks this fall. The full-year program structure will be shortened according to when Georgetown Prep reopens, and it is likely that we will offer shorter registration blocks that may be chosen during the 2020-21 school year. Signup option for our full year program will remain available at a discounted rate.

Yes, check out our offerings at our summer pool: Old Farm Swim and Paddle Club located in Rockville, MD (just an eight minute drive from our G. Prep location). We are very excited to offer small group practices and private lessons that adhere to the social distancing and safety guidelines.

All families who were impacted by the COVID shut down in March of 2020 may utilize our COVID credit system. FINS families will have multiple options to apply their COVID Credit for the six suspended sessions:  

*Redeem towards any FINS Programming. 

*Redeem via Private Lessons with FINS coaches.

Donate their credit to FINS Coaches Fund. (100% of proceeds go directly to FINS coaches, many of whom have been unable to work since March.)  

Like for so many small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a very trying time for our organization and our coaches. For those FINS families who would like to support our Small Business, and help us weather this storm, you may do so by donating directly to our program. Every little bit helps, and all donations received will go directly towards helping pay our amazing coaches during this time away from the pool.

If you would like to support our coaches, you can donate your COVID credit back to the FINS coaches. All of these donations will go directly to paying our coaches during this time. You can also make a one-time donation to our program on our website HERE.

We are looking forward to getting back to the pool once it is deemed safe. We miss our swimmers and greatly appreciate our entire FINS family!!