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    Welcome to FINS SWIMMING

    Whether you’re a summer swimming All-Star, just starting your swimming career, or hoping to get in the pool and learn to swim the right way, we have a great program for you to continue to grow and have fun as you reach for your goals!

    Our Style

    At FINS we provide detailed technical development. We are firm believers in teaching every part of the stroke and making sure that our swimmers not only swim strong, but swim smart. Our coaches are constantly engaging their swimmers and challenging them to get better.

    Our goal is to have our swimmers looking great in the water and feeling like they have all the tools to swim fast while having fun! 

    What our families love about FINS

    “FINS taught A to swim beautifully in four strokes and we truly enjoyed dealing with the administrative staff, coaches and other swimmer families. We always refer friends and acquaintances to FINS and hope that some of them have enrolled and we will continue to do so. Thanks so much for running an excellent swimming program for our children… We give you 5 stars!” – Mauricio V.

    “Awesome organization. The kids all love the coaches, and the coaches do a great job of both instruction and making learning and training fun for the kids. Plus they offer a Masters swim program nearby most of the year for the adults.” – Mark F.

    “Terrific training and learning program for our kids.” – Ed S.