Answers to the most common questions we get


FINS does not offer a formal tryout for group placement prior to the season. All parents should review our practice group descriptions HERE. Each description includes group focus, goals and requirements.

Our coaches will evaluate all of our swimmers once they are registered and in the pool with us. We work to make sure that all of our participants are in a group where they can feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. If you’re not quite sure where your swimmer belongs, simply pick the group that you feel best matches their current ability. Throughout the season swimmers may move to a different group depending on a coach’s assessment.

So long as there is space in the practice time and group that you’re hoping to register for, swimmers may sign up at anytime during our season.

FINS offers a sibling discount for families register 2+ swimmers. This is automatically applied at checkout. We also offer a Military Discount and an Old Farm Pool member discount (*outdoor program only*). Please email us at for details.

FINS does not offer any refunds for our programming for any reason. If you have a scheduling conflict, please contact us at and we will do our best to identify an alternate practice day/time for you.

Our swimmer to coach ratio is something that we pride ourselves on and we do our best to make sure that all of our swimmers receive feedback from us constantly!

Yes! FINS offers great discounts to families enrolled in the Indoor Program who
wish to also participate for the full fall or spring outdoor programs.

Please visit HERE to read full descriptions on all of our FINS programming.
Your feedback and questions help us become a better program – so please let us know of anytime we can help! 

Send us an email at!


The practice time that you choose for your swimmer becomes their specific practice time for the season.  Swimmers must attend their designated time for the duration of the season.

There are no makeup practices offered for an individual swimmer.  We encourage our swimmers to attend as many practices as possible; however, swimmers may miss the occasional practice from time to time.

Designated Makeup Days marked on our calendar are used if there is a facility closure due to weather or another facility related reason. Anytime a makeup day will be used, FINS families will be notified.  If normal practices are held and there
are no facility closures, these makeup days will not be used.

If you have a scheduling conflict and can no longer attend your practice day/time, please contact us at If we have space available at another practice, we will transfer your registration. If there is no space available, we will add you to the waitlist for your preferred practice day/time.


FINS Training Group (FTG) Questions

  • Please review our specific group description online prior to registering your athlete. You may do so HERE by scrolling down to the “FINS Training Group” description at the bottom.
  • Parents who aren’t sure after reviewing our group descriptions are encouraged to send an email with a detailed description of their athlete to

If a swimmer signs up for the FTG program but the coaches feel that they are not a fit to properly excel within this group, they will be automatically moved into the Marlins or Swordfish Group within the Early Fall Program. Program Directors will make every effort to facilitate this switch into a practice time that is as similar as possible in terms of schedule. These two progarms have the same practice dates, running from Sept. 5th through Oct. 30th.

As with all FINS programs, there are no refunds available. 

  • Yes, if your swimmer is already enrolled in one of our outdoor program options and would like to switch into this group, please email for assistance.
  • Swimmers may also participate in both programs if they desire. Swimmers participating in both options will receive a discount. 
  • Yes, swimmers may participate in both programs. These programs are designed to complement each other. Swimmers may access this program on different days that do not overlap.  
  • Swimmers must choose the specific times and days in which they will participate. Practice switches are limited in availability, but may be requested by emailing 

Swimmers 8 years old and under are encouraged to join the Main Early Fall Program.

Parents of swimmers who feel they may be ready can email FINS at with an inquiry. 

  • Swimmers enrolled in the FTG Program will be able to participate in the swim meets offered by FINS at no extra charge. FINS Swim Meets for the 2023-24 season are currently scheduled for December, May, and July.

FINS offers various discounts including sibling discounts, a Military Discount, multiple seasons discount and an Old Farm Pool member discount (*outdoor program only*). Please email us at for details.


Swimmers should arrive at practice wearing their bathing suit and should have a dry towel, a water bottle and goggles. We recommend swim caps for swimmers with long hair.

Our coaches are on deck to interact with our swimmers and give constant feedback. We typically have 5 to 8 swimmers per lane with one head coach leading the group. For our Little FINS and Seahorses group, we will have 1 to 3
in-water coaches as well.

Our swimmer to coach ratio is something that we pride ourselves on and we do our best to make sure that all of our swimmers receive feedback from us constantly!

Throughout the season you may have questions for our coaches about your swimmer/s, or general questions about the program. We encourage all of our parents to please reach out to us via email anytime you have a question, comment, or concern about anything program related. We will always do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can. Remember that during practice time, our coaches are focused on working with the swimmers and cannot take parent questions.  

Your feedback and questions help us become a better program – so please let us know of anytime we can help!

Yes, both our indoor and outdoor facilities are heated and the water is kept at 80-82 degrees.

While swim sessions are in progress on weekdays at the Georgetown Prep facility, parents are asked to wait in the parking lot or return in a timely manner to pick-up their swimmer at the end of their session. Due to capacity restrictions and facility rules, parents are not currently allowed on deck during practice on weekdays.


Weekend spectators may now access the stands/bleachers overlooking the pool while their swimmers are at practice. The main entrance to the pool is located around the left side of the building following the outdoor corridor that divides the Hanley Center and George Center. Upon entering the Hanley Center, spectators are asked to head directly toward the spectator seating area located down the main hall to the right. Parents are asked to remain in the spectator section unless using the restroom or leaving via the front doors (same doors you came in). Hanley Center use, including the lobby, field house, basketball arena, gym, etc., is strictly prohibited. The spectator seating area may not be accessed via the backdoor deck entrance (via the pool deck) and must be accessed via the main building entrance. 


At our outdoor facility, Old Farm pool there is a designated seating area for parents. Signage will direct you to this area on deck. 


Your first step in signing up for a swim lesson is to fill out the Private Lessons Interest Form. After filling out this form, you’ll be added onto our waiting list. As soon as a coach who matches your schedule and request becomes available, you will receive an email with next steps.

Our waitlist varies by season. It may take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to be matched with a coach depending on the time of year. Typically, our waitlist moves quicker in the summer months, while there is less movement from September through May. Please email us for more specific information.

Fall (Sept 1st-Oct 30th)

Winter (Nov 1st-April 1st)

Spring (April 1st-May 30th)

Summer (May 30th-Sept 1st)

Old Farm Pool 

Georgetown Prep

Georgetown Prep

Old Farm

Georgetown Prep

Old Farm

Seven Locks


We offer lessons to anyone 3 & up that is potty trained and comfortable in the water away from a parent or other caregiver.

Yes! We offer lessons for swimmers of ages 3 & up!

30-minute Private Lesson (One on one)

40-minute (2 person) Group Private Lesson

60-minute Private Lesson (One on one)

  • 30 min Private lesson – $58 – $60
  • 40 min Group Lesson – $96 – $128 Total
  • 60 min Private Lesson – $105 – $110

Price varies by facility.

We do not recommend that swimmers of differing abilities sign up for a group private lesson. Please email for additional guidance if unsure of swimmers’ abilities.


FINS requires that any swimmer who is not feeling well and/or has any symptoms of COVID-19 stay away from practice until they are in good health.

FINS is following the local and federal requirements for quarantining when swimmers or coaches have been exposed to COVID-19, as well as any facility regulations in regards to access. 

Swimmers and coaches may choose to wear masks at any time they wish when out of the water. 

Please contact with any questions related to potential exposure, testing, and quarantine guidelines.