Whether you’re a summer swimming All-Star, just starting your swimming career, or just hoping to get in the pool and learn to swim the right way, we have a great team for you to continue to grow and have fun with as you reach for your goals!!

Our Mission

Founded in the Fall of 2009 by Montgomery County Swim League coaches and alumni looking to
bring the Summer swimming feel into the Winter Swim world, FINS SWIMMING is a year-round
youth swim program that sets out to give swimmers of all ages a fun and fulfilling experience in
the water.

At FINS, we believe that the most important component of a healthy swimming career is a true enjoyment of our unique sport. With our gifted all-star coaching staff, we work hard to make sure that every swimmer, regardless of their individual skill-set, appreciates and enjoys their own swimming talents. We want our swimmers to be proud of themselves for taking on the challenge!

We believe that success in the water can only come when the environment in the pool and on
deck excites and inspires us!

Our Style

At FINS we focus primarily on technique. We are firm believers in teaching every part of the
stroke and making sure that our swimmers not only swim strong, but swim smart. Perfecting all
four strokes and learning to be a skillful swimmer has to come before we begin to train at a higher
level. Our goal is to have our swimmers looking great in the water and feeling like they have all
the tools to swim fast!

At FINS we do our best to provide constant feedback to our swimmers.  We have an ample
number of talented head coaches on deck at every practice, and the development of
strong technical swimming is our priority.  Our coaches are constantly engaging their swimmers
and challenging them to get better with every stroke they take.  Our coaches communicate,
correct, and motivate, so that every swim down the pool is better than the last.  Assistant coaches
are also in the water with our younger swimmers, giving constant hands on instruction and
elevating the comfort level of those just beginning their swimming careers.

Our Swimmers

FINS Swimmers range from ages 5 to 18, and swim with us once, twice, or three times a week all
year long. We have a wide range of skill levels and we make sure that all of our swimmers are
placed into a group where they can swim to their potential and can continue to grow and
challenge themselves.

Lots of our swimmers belong to summer swim teams and can’t wait for summer season to roll
around! That’s why all FINS coaches work hard to bring that summer swimming enthusiasm and fun to every practice!

Many of our swimmers are also new to the sport, and that’s OK! Our coaches work with these
swimmers to quickly make them feel comfortable and help them excel in the new setting.

We also have a great group of High School Swimmers that are looking to stay in shape, or add a
practice to their high school swimming seasons.