FINS Weather Policy


Below please review the FINS outdoor programming weather policy.

The FINS outdoor facility will remain operational and all scheduled practices will be held despite rain or colder temperatures. Heavy winds, thunder, lightning, and/or severe weather warnings may result in a facility closure. Power outages, facility mechanical/chemical issues may also result in a facility closure. Extremely cold outdoor air temperatures (defined as prolonged days of below 50 degree air temp) may also result in a facility closure. The decision to close a facility will be made by the facility operator in accordance with Montgomery County public health and safety code.

In the instance of a facility closure, FINS will provide an update for all families on the FINS website. FINS will not send out a notification email in the instance of bad weather. FINS will update the homepage of the FINS website under the section called WEATHER UPDATES. Please plan to check this web page if concerned that bad weather may impact your practice. Please remember to hit the “REFRESH” button on your browser to receive the most up to date information. 
FINS will offer a single (1) scheduled makeup swim for every two (2) individual and specific practice times impacted by bad weather resulting in a cancellation. For example: If a Wednesday at 5pm practice is cancelled due to weather, there will only be a makeup offered if this practice is cancelled twice (not just once). Swimmers will have 14 days from the time of a cancelled practice to attend a makeup swim. After 14 days the individual makeup period will expire – No exceptions will be made. No makeup swims will be allowed for swim dates after the scheduled completion of a program. 

Swimmers registered in multiple swim times per week will only have access to a single (1) makeup swim per week, despite the occurrence of multiple weather or facility related closures during that single week. Note: If you are registered for 2 or more sessions in a week, and more than one session is cancelled due to a weather or facility related closure, only a single makeup opportunity will be granted. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Swimmers eligible for a makeup swim due to a cancelled practice will be contacted directly via email by FINS with makeup time options and instructions. 

Thank you! And please email us at with any questions that you might have.