COVID and Program Guidelines

We have gathered important details and instructions related to COVID that all swimming families must familiarize themselves with prior to attending a FINS Main Program Session or Private Lesson.

FINS has worked with the Montgomery County Local officials and USA Swimming to develop best possible practices for safe swimming during the pandemic.

The USA Swimming website can also serve as a great resource to families for swimming and COVID related questions:

Thank you! And please email us at with any questions that you might have.

Pool Entrance and Exit

Please arrive for your session 5-10 minutes before practice starts.

Georgetown Prep (Indoor Program):
Swimmers will enter the pool deck from the back doors of the Hanley Center (closest to the parking lot). Swimmers will then enter the pool deck and be escorted to the bleachers to wait until their practice begins. Swimmers will use this same door as the exit after practice. Parents are encouraged to be in the parking lot at least 5 minutes prior to the end of practice to meet their swimmers. 


Old Farm Pool (Outdoor Fall/Spring/Summer Programs):
Please enter through the MAIN ENTRANCE at Old Farm Pool (1 Swim Club Way, Rockville MD. 20852). You will find the front door to the pool located directly across from the paddle tennis courts in the club house building. Swimmers will enter the pool deck by themselves. A FINS Gate Attendant will greet swimmers at the front gate and check them into practice.  Swimmers will exit through the front door of the club house. Parents are encouraged to wait at the exit at least 5 minutes prior to the end of practice to meet their swimmers.

COVID-19 Information

FINS requires that any swimmer who is not feeling well and/or has any symptoms of COVID-19 stay away from practice until they are in good health.

FINS is following the Montgomery County Public Schools & CDC’s requirements for quarantining when swimmers or coaches have been exposed to COVID-19.

FINS requires all coaches to be fully vaccinated. Swimmers and coaches may choose to wear masks at any time they wish when out of the water. Coaches and all other staff will support anyone who chooses to wear a mask. 

Please contact with any questions related to potential exposure, testing, and quarantine guidelines. 



While swim sessions are in progress, parents are asked to wait in the parking lot or return in a timely manner to pick-up their swimmer at the end of their session. Parents are not currently allowed on deck at any FINS facility during practice.

Outdoor Weather Policy

Below please review the FINS outdoor programming weather policy.

“The FINS outdoor facility will remain operational and all scheduled practices will be held despite rain or colder temperatures. Heavy winds, thunder, lightning, and/or severe weather warnings may result in a facility closure. Power outages, facility mechanical/chemical issues may also result in a facility closure. Extremely cold outdoor air temperatures (defined as prolonged days of below 50 degree air temp) may also result in a facility closure. The decision to close a facility will be made by the facility operator in accordance with Montgomery County public health and safety code.

In the instance of a facility closure, FINS will provide an update for all families on the FINS website. FINS will not send out a notification email in the instance of bad weather. FINS will update the homepage of the FINS website under the section called WEATHER UPDATES“. Please plan to check this web page if concerned that bad weather may impact your practice. Please remember to hit the “REFRESH” button on your browser to receive the most up to date information. 
FINS will offer a single (1) scheduled makeup swim for every two (2) individual and specific practice times impacted by bad weather resulting in a cancellation. For example: If a Wednesday at 5pm practice is cancelled due to weather, there will only be a makeup offered if this practice is cancelled twice (not just once). Swimmers will have 14 days from the time of a cancelled practice to attend a makeup swim. After 14 days the individual makeup period will expire – No exceptions will be made. No makeup swims will be allowed for swim dates after the scheduled completion of a program. 

Swimmers registered in multiple swim times per week will only have access to a single (1) makeup swim per week, despite the occurrence of multiple weather or facility related closures during that single week. Note: If you are registered for 2 or more sessions in a week, and more than one session is cancelled due to a weather or facility related closure, only a single makeup opportunity will be granted. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Swimmers eligible for a makeup swim due to a cancelled practice will be contacted directly via email by FINS with makeup time options and instructions.