FINS Training Group (FTG)

This year we launched a new group within our FINS programming, called the FINS Training Group (FTG). FTG is geared towards advanced swimmers looking for fitness and endurance based practices with our talented FINS Coaches. 

What is FTG?

FTG or FINS Training Group is a new practice group offered at FINS welcoming swimmers (Ages 9-12 & 13-18) with developed stroke technique who are looking for a fitness & endurance based practice environment. Swimmers will gain exposure to workouts that maintain a focus on technique, while also challenging them to swim longer distances, engage in race style sets, and gain exposure to interval training and conditioning. Starts, turns, and complimentary racing swim skills will be reviewed at all practices. Most swimmers in this group should have summer swim team experience, including having participated in Summer Swim (A or B) Meets. 

Swimmers enrolling in the FINS Training Group are interested in exploring the higher levels of swim training within the general context of the FINS athlete level. The majority of swimmers in this group prioritize Summer Swimming or High School Swim Team as their primary swimming focus. A 9-week Winter season and an 8-week Spring season will be offered in 2024, with the continued focus of getting swimmers ready for the MCSL (Summer) Season. 

We believe that success in the water can only come when the environment in the pool and on deck excites and inspires us!

FTG Swimmers

Group Classifications & Ages: 

    • FTG Junior Group: Ages 9 – 12 
    • FTG Senior Group: Ages 13 – 18 
    • NOTE: Groups may practice together at times.
  • Swimmers are expected to display strong refined racing skills in all four strokes and a strong understanding of technical skills (starts, turns, streamlines, underwater kick-outs, etc.). Swimmers will be required to be legal in all four strokes and have a strong understanding of starts, flip turns and open turns.
  • Most swimmers in this group have spent several seasons on their summer team or under some type of organized swim instruction. They have spent time working on different drills to perfect all four strokes. Most of these swimmers have racing and aerobic training experience.
  • Within the FINS Program, Sharks & Dolphins Level Swimmers ONLY are the recommended athlete skill and experience level to enter into the FINS Training Group. While FTG welcomes Sharks & Dolphins level advanced swimmers, FINS still offers our core programming options for swimmers in these group levels who do not want to participate in FTG. Marlins & Swordfish Swimmers, and our 8 & Under Groups (Seahorses & Little FINS) should NOT enroll in this program.

Meet the FTG Coaches

At FINS we do our best to provide constant feedback to our swimmers.  We have an ample number of talented head coaches on deck at every practice, and the development of strong technical swimming is our priority.  Our coaches are constantly engaging their swimmers and challenging them to get better with every stroke they take.  Our coaches communicate, correct, and motivate, so that every swim down the pool is better than the last.  

           Coach Ethan                                          Coach Katie                                           Coach Greg