Answers to questions you may be wondering and to help you get oriented to FINS

In order to choose your swimmers group, we ask that parents choose from our FINS practice group descriptions. We evaluate all of our swimmers once they are registered and in the pool with us. We work to make sure that all of our swimmers are in a group where they can feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. If you’re not quite sure where your swimmer belongs, simply pick the group that you feel best matches their current ability. Throughout the season swimmers may move to a different group depending on a coaches assessment.

The practice time that you choose for your swimmer becomes their specific practice time for the season.  Swimmers must attend their designated time for the duration of the season.

Should your swimmer have a conflict with their designated practice time but be able to attend a different time on that same weekend, parents may fill out a switch request. The FINS team will then review to see if there is space at the requested time and if the abilities are a match. Whenever possible, FINS will accommodate and you will be notified.  

Families are limited to 4 practice switches throughout the season.

There are no makeup practices offered for an individual swimmer once a practice has come and gone.  We encourage our swimmers to attend as many practices as possible; however, swimmers may miss the occasional practice from time to time.

Designated Makeup Days marked on our calendar are used if there is a facility closure due to weather or another facility related reason. Anytime a makeup day will be used, FINS families will be notified.  If normal practices are held and there are no facility closures, these makeup days will not be used.

Our coaches are on deck to interact with our swimmers and give constant feedback.  There are between 5 & 8 swimmers in our lanes, and we have one head coach to every group. 1 to 3 coaches are also in the water per group with our Seahorses and Little FINS groups.

Our swimmer to coach ratio is something that we pride ourselves on and we do our best to make sure that all of our swimmers receive feedback from us constantly!

Throughout the season you may have questions for our coaches about your swimmer/s, or general questions about the program. We encourage all of our parents to please reach out to us via email anytime you have a question, comment, or concern about anything program related! We will always do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can. Remember that during practice time, our coaches are focused on working with the swimmers and cannot take parent questions at that time.  

Your feedback and questions help us become a better program – so please let us know of anytime we can help! 

So long as there is space in the practice time and group that you’re hoping to register for, swimmers may sign up at anytime during our season.

FINS offers a military discount.

FINS offers a discount for a family registering more than 2 swimmers.  

Please email us at for details.