Primary Focus:

Refining all four strokes and all technical skills (turns, starts, breaststroke pullouts, underwater kick-outs, breakouts etc.).


  • Comfortably swim beyond 25 meters of the pool.
  • Have a clear grasp of all four strokes.
  • Note: Most athletes in this group are swimmers who have spent time on a swim team or have received some type of organized swim instruction. They feel confident swimming back and forth with ease, but their strokes are still in need of fine-tuning.

Group Goals:

  • Work to perfect all four strokes.
  • Gain exposure to race pace swimming.
  • Become proficient with all technical skills (starts, turns, breakouts, underwater kick-outs, pullouts, etc.)
  • Further swimming vocabulary and learn new drills that help our swimmers understand the different components that make up every stroke.