Little FINS

The indoor Little FINS program at Georgetown Prep Pool welcomes swimmers ages 5 to 8 years old who are in the beginning stages of their swimming careers. (NOTE: Please be aware of the differences between the indoor Little FINS Groups and the outdoor Little FINS Offerings. Our indoor location requires our beginner swimmers to be comfortable in deeper water.)

* Swimmers participating in this group should be completely comfortable on a kickboard in deeper water. Those swimmers that are not yet able to move forward through the water on a kickboard are not ready for this group yet and FINS recommends they join us for private lessons before joining these main program sessions.  

* Each group is directed by a FINS Swimming head coach, and in addition, each group has an ample number of experienced and enthusiastic assistant coaches who are IN THE WATER working with the swimmers to make them feel comfortable, and to also be hands on as the instruction is taking place. 

* These groups are learning the foundations of competitive swimming, furthering their water safety skills, and learning to get comfortable in and around the pool. Swimmers are beginning to learn proper freestyle and backstroke technique and also building a higher level of comfort and endurance as they familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of our sport and gain more confidence.

* With our youngest swimmers we strive to make sure that they are smiling and having a fun experience in the pool while learning to get more comfortable in a new setting.